What to expect when attending a gun show

Aside from MANY friendly vendors and faces.
Military Backpacks on Panel Stand
Hand Made Knives Displayed on Table
Ar Components Displayed on Wooden Racks
Upper Deck View of Full Show Layout
Box Display of Rings
Older Western Gun Magazines

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Not only are there guns

There's so much more!

You will also find merchandise for all your shooting needs, ammo, components, reloading equipment & supplies, tactical accessories, gun bags, knives of all kinds, usually custom knives too, military stuff and collectibles, coins, optics, gun magazines and parts, non lethal self defense, many shows have first aid including bug out bags, survival gear, we always have stuff for the ladies like Scentsy, jewelry, some have clothes, conceal carry purses. It is like having many stores all under one roof, something for everyone.

Arrival & Admissions

First you need to be aware it is cash only for admission and you may come and go all day the day that you pay admission, unless you bought a 2Day Pass, then you may come and go all weekend.

ATMs Available

Most all the building we go to have an ATM on site. Not all vendors take credit cards, so come prepared.

Kids Welcome

At Silver Spur, we are about family and family time! Gun shows are a great place for educating your kids on gun safety and there is so much history at the show. Texas Parks & Wildlife has partnered with us in Lubbock & Midland to offer the Hunter Education Coursed for kids 9 and up.

Concessions & Parking

All the facilities we have shows at have a concession stand of some sort and in Midland we have food trucks. None of the buildings we are in charge for parking, parking is free!

Did you know you?

You can buy, sell or trade your firearms, knives, ammo, swords or coins at the show?

Some sites around our Shows

We are family oriented!

Bringing a firearm to the show to sell or trade?


If you bring a firearm in to sell, trade OR buy accessories for, they need to be unloaded when you enter the facility, there will be someone at admission to check and strap your firearm for safety. If that tie is cut anytime during the show it needs to be retied immediately, usually by the vendor looking at it.

What happens when I fill out paperwork to buy a firearm?

The vendor with a Texas FFL has to either call it in or do online, usually it is a short simple process. Sometimes there is a delay, the vendor will call you as soon as they get a response. If it is end of show and no call back, they will arrange you getting your firearm or transferring to someone local.

What happens if the gun vendor is from out of state with an FFL??

You will end up paying transfer fees and possibly other incurred fees depending on vendor, KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY. Best to buy from Texas FFL vendors.

Why should I attend a Gun Show??

Not only are you exercising your second amendment muscle, but you are also supporting many different small businesses that only do shows for a living. In addition, you will find some unique items, gifts and memorabilia not found anywhere else!'